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1-2-1 Training



Presentation in New York next week? Interview in London next month? Specific language-oriented problems often necessitate specific solutions. While in theory an in-depth and broad-based approach to language acquisition is the ideal, in practice busy executives are often faced with an immediate task requiring a “quick fix” aimed at maximising output with a minimum of time input. That’s where one-2-one coaching with a designated native speaking trainer comes into its own.


Delivering a quality presentation in one’s own language can be demanding and nerve-wracking enough without the added complication of trying to achieve the same results in English. AAC can help. If you’ve given the same or similar presentation in German before, we’ll adapt it and translate the slides / transparencies & craft the notes, and train the delivery to ensure your message gets across and produces the desired results. If it’s an entirely new presentation, 1-2-1 training can provide the ideal forum for brainstorming ideas on content and style, followed by dry runs, simulated Q&A sessions and video feedback.
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Let AAC take the sting out of job applications, curriculum vitae, and interviews. In Phase I, coaching sessions will first establish the necessary information base to enable us to prepare quality job application documentation that greatly improve your chances of getting to interview. In Phase II, language coaching followed by simulated interviews will arm you with the questions and answers to communicate your USP to even the toughest of interviewers.


From the outside looking in. Sessions with a native speaking trainer with years of experience working together with numerous companies in a wide range of industries provide a unique opportunity to get a fresh angle on business problems and opportunities while at the same time training language skills. An initial needs analysis will form the basis of a training programme tailored to meet your specific requirements. Your personal trainer will prepare feedback on a laptop – later emailed – to maximise the learning experience.


Group Training


Anglo-Austrian Communications offers top-flight in-company business English training targeted at small groups (up to 8 participants) with a strong emphasis on tailoring the training to incorporate individual needs and broader company objectives. Our approach shies away from book-based training methods to focus instead on creating one-off group-specific course outlines. The trainer will then use external and, if available, your company’s own materials (e.g. Internet, brochures, annual reports) to prepare a unique training format with maximum relevance to the participants, and a knock-on effect in terms of reaching the pre-set targets.

Our team has, over a number of years, accumulated a wide range of experience in numerous fields of industry. While we can’t claim to be industry-insiders, this exposure has made us good all-rounders with an overview of the central issues in these fields that will enable your dedicated trainer to direct meaningful discussions on themes relevant to your employees.

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Here is a selection of the fields in which our training staff has worked to date:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Quality assurance
  • Veterinary science
  • Facility management
  • Paper
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • Medical consulting
  • Business consultancy
  • IT
  • Law
  • Tourism
  • Telephony
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Technology

FDA, SOP, CTD, SPC, MAH, R&D – We speak pharma

AAC has been offering top quality business English training, seminars and related services for more than fifteen years – and that with a key focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

In the role of a consultant, AAC advised the Cornelsen publishing house in Germany on the book English for the Pharmaceutical Industry which is now available.

To coincide with the publication of this book, we have prepared training courses and workshops based on these materials and specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Regular training sessions, typically 90 or 120 minutes per week
  • Modular-based workshops (typically one to three days)
  • or in a hybrid format which best suits your company.

Our trainers are native speakers with an excellent command of German, are certified according to CertTEB, and have a sound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information or a quote, please contact us via office@aac.co.at or call: +43 (0)2245 89084-0.


AAC Meetings Concept


In cooperation with several long-standing clients, we have developed and tested a new training concept.

The option now exists of holding company-internal meetings in English – facilitated by an experienced AAC trainer.

What’s in it for you?

Time = money. By combining meetings which need to take place in any case with English training sessions, you save time (and money). Our experience has also highlighted that meetings in English tend to me more efficient as participants stick to the issues at hand!

Feedback & minutes. Your trainer will not be actively involved in the meeting, instead they will support participants e.g. to find the right words. Besides this, the trainer will keep the minutes of the meeting – both from a language-based perspective (EN/DE glossary of important phrases and terms) as well as the action points (who will do what by when). If requested, the trainer will also steer a feedback session at the end of the meeting. The minutes and the glossary are sent to all participants electronically at the end of the meeting. All of the contents of meetings will of course be handled as strictly confidential (NDA).

100% up-to-date and relevant. The issues which are discussed during the meetings/training sessions are de facto those relevant and important to your company. Even if some meetings have no direct international or foreign-language dimension, it is highly likely that the participants can nonetheless use the phrases and terms in other meetings or correspondence. This is a great tool for increasing their negotiating competence and efficiency in both contexts.

For further information and/or an offer tailored to your company’s specific needs, simply pick up the phone or drop us a line!