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Anglo-Austrian Communications:
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We are dedicated to providing quality rather than quantity, tailor-made solutions rather than standardised products, and a personal touch rather than corporate bureaucracy.

The range of services offered is as broad as it is flexible. A real interest in establishing long-term partnerships is founded upon continual two-way communication aimed at delivering the desired results time and time again.

By taking an active interest in your business, Anglo-Austrian Communications will ensure that quality in the field of corporate communications becomes the rule rather than the exception.



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By definition, training involves conveying new knowledge and practicing newly acquired skills. Training aims at achieving pre-set goals through the application of proven training concepts and methods.

For AAC, the individual remains the key to the training experience. We create lively, motivating and memorable learning environments in which participants can discover and develop their potential – either one-to-one or in small groups.



Workshops offer a time and cost-effective means of targeting particular communication areas. AAC’s strength lies in carefully blending skill and language-based aspects to create industry or company-specific workshop programmes for small groups with a strong emphasis on practice rather than theory, while integrating elements of individual, team & group work.



In a world in which software applications can “translate” in milliseconds, quality in the field of translation has recently assumed new dimensions. Anglo-Austrian Communications draws on long-standing resources and the new information sources available through the Internet to continue crafting finished texts that reproduce the role and function of the initial text, rather than just translating words and sentences.

AOB – You Name it!

Variety, they say, is the spice of (business) life. Our flexible approach to assisting our customers has, over the years, extended to providing a range of difficult to classify additional services in the spheres of language training and translation. Sometimes, for example, simply having a native speaker on hand to assist with ad-hoc translations during negotiations can be a major factor in getting to yes. Or a friend in the audience at a presentation with a few questions that you want to be asked…