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Please see below for details of the translation services (DE/EN & EN/DE) we provide:


Websites are increasingly becoming electronic calling cards and a key factor determining new client contacts. 

The quality of the information offered, however, is founded upon the language through which it is communicated. That’s why a poorly translated website is at best ineffective and at worst a liability, while a professional translation can soon pay for itself in the form of new business. The same applies to blogs and corporate social media.

For a free quotation just send your existing URL to office@aac.co.at.


Prospectuses & Company Brochures

While perhaps diminishing in importance following the advent of electronic media, many companies still need or prefer to print certain materials since these convey messages that are distorted or detracted from through the medium of the Internet.

AAC has provided numerous top quality translations of brochures (product & services), prospectuses (company profile, IPOs, sale of company etc.) and similar printed materials (menus, public notices, flyers).

Please contact us to discuss your translation requirements on + 43 2245 89084-0.

Quarterly & Annual Reports – PRs, Ad-hoc Announcements, etc.

The investment community rightly expects that its long-established terminology and the appropriate formulations and conventions be used by publicly listed companies the world over. Translating texts aimed at this demanding target audience thus requires not only the relevant language skills, but also an insight into the Austrian & German Commercial Codes as well as IAS/IFRS and US-GAAP.

Active in this field since 1999, Anglo-Austrian Communications appreciates that communication with institutional and private investors is subject to embargoes and extreme confidentiality, and respects these aspects in all its dealings whether working independently or coordinating with business consultants, graphic designers, printers etc.

Regular clients also enjoy the benefits of a maintained glossary of company-specific terminology and phraseology that conveys corporate identity across language barriers.

To discuss your specific requirements in more detail please contact Ian Foster on + 43 2245 89084-0.


Business & Marketing Plans

Anglo-Austrian Communications has years of experience serving the business community and providing quality translations of business concepts, marketing strategies and similar documents with which to convince venture capital houses, prospective purchasers, head offices and the like.

Other Translations

As a registered translation office, AAC has also provided numerous other translation services over the years including, for example, documents and contracts (certified and for information purposes only), advertising slogans, business correspondence, presentations, CVs, application letters, to name but a few.

Give us a call. We don’t promise to translate anything and everything. If we don’t feel we can deliver a top quality translation, we’ll tell you, and try to help you find someone who can. Quality remains the overriding factor.

Proof Reading

Our own translations are carefully checked internally by a second experienced translator before being sent to the client. Because quality is so important for us, we generally do not provide proof reading for texts not translated by AAC. Exceptions are only made for long-standing clients who regularly request other AAC services.